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Ghungroo Kathak Academy is affiliated to Pracheen Kala Kendra. Our students appear in exam every year. We conduct certified courses and choreograph Bollywood Kathak too.

We train students online across world. Currently more than 40 students are learning tradition, contemporary and Bollywood kathak at various levels. Learning online has open new windows for International students. We organize virtual and video shows to showcase talent of our students.

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Message from Archana Sinha


My name is Archana Sinha. I run Ghungroo Kathak Academy which is affiliated to Pracheen Kala Kendra in India. I worked as HOD dance in  Delhi Private School, which is one of most elite India premium school having International Branches across world. I have 25 years of experience teaching Kathak in India, Dubai, Qatar and in Kuwait.  Post COVID, I have been managing the teaching through online platform resulting to high response of students from USA and Canada hence opening a branch in Canada now.  Currently there are more than 40 students learning Kathak online at various levels including Traditional, Contemporary and Bollywood Kathak across the world. I organize virtual and video shows to showcase talent of our students. I do give individual and group classes.
My mission is to spread this beautiful art across the globe to tie humanity with culture of rhythm, music, expression, emotions through dance. Dance is all about enjoying beyond boundaries of religion, cast, creed and language.

"If Dance is the hidden language of the soul, Then Choreography is an expression of creation"

Why We are

Archana Sinha is one of the most passionate and dedicated teachers I have come across. She is a perfectionist who can make a non-dancer a great dancer because more than the dancer she believes in herself as a soulful teacher.

Tabassum Ali

a student “Ghungroo” Kathak Academy

Wow, just WOW!

Many of the dance instructors in my area (California) have a full time job and teach dance on the side. Archana, on the other hand, lives and breathes her dance form and has made it her career. There is a big difference in the teaching methods from a professional dancer / instructor who is passionate about her craft versus someone doing it on the side as a hobby.

My daughter is almost 7 years old and was learning kathak for 2 years in California when I realized that her skills weren’t improving much. That’s when I found Archana (via TeacherOn) and sent her a short video of my daughter’s dancing. Archana was able to point out deficiencies in her dance form right away and sent me suggestions to correct her form. That’s when I knew Archana was the instructor I wanted for my daughter.

We have been taking classes with Archana for only one month, but I already see so much progress in my daughter’s ability. She has more stamina for dancing and is better about keeping her elbows up, looking at her hands, turning her body, flexing her wrists...

It’s truly amazing how much Archana has been able to accomplish in one month of online lessons with my daughter versus several months of in-person lessons with other instructors.

Thank you, Archana!!!

Reena Pal

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